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Cat Tiessophie melichComment

Last Halloween I was commissioned to make a special order costume  for a little girl (LOG) that wanted to be her cat Trophy. I had seen many pictures and videos of LOG and Trophy, so I knew that it would be a very fun and special project. I wanted to make sure that the costume would look like Trophy and not take up hours upon hours of my time. With children’s costumes it is a balance to make them affordable, durable, and “perfect”.

Luckily there were tons of great pictures of Trophy to choose from so that I could duplicate her distinctive markings. The best options for decorating the costume would have been to either paint on the patterns or use an appliqué method to sew on the pattern. With fleece I decided that the appliqué method would be the most time efficient.

I chose a dark grey instead of a black to do the patterns both from a polar fleece. To apply the shapes I used Elmer’s glue to keep the pieces in place and then stitched them down with a zig-zag stitch.The zig-zag stitch allows  the appliquéd pieces to have movement without coming off of the costume. The glue keeps them in place and should help in case the stitches come undone.